An Extremely Condensed Analysis of BTS’ ‘ON’ Music Video

*This will all make sense eventually!* In the beginning, Jin (the guy reaching out to the dove) is surrounded by a hoard of chaos as he stares at the scenery (dead bodies, a person moving like a zombie, etc). Doves represent guidance and without guidance, chaos ensues. You can see that the dove is shot […]

Weather in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

The change of the weather in Bronte’s book reveals a lot about the emotional situation during the scenes. Usually, after a character has acted fiercely, or has displayed intense emotion, or is gloomy in general, the weather darkens and the wind rises. Wuthering Heights is always melancholic because wuthering is a “significant provincial adjective, descriptive […]

Blog Post: Things Fall Apart Analysis using a Post-Colonialism Lense

Chinua Achebe’s book goes in depth with the topic of post-colonialism from the second part towards the end. Okonkwo has been heavily impacted by the entry of white missionaries into Africa. His son accepted their religion and Okonkwo abandoned him, his mother’s motherland was influenced by them, and Umoufia crumbled right before his eyes. Chinua […]

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