Blog Post: Things Fall Apart Analysis using a Post-Colonialism Lense

Chinua Achebe’s book goes in depth with the topic of post-colonialism from the second part towards the end. Okonkwo has been heavily impacted by the entry of white missionaries into Africa. His son accepted their religion and Okonkwo abandoned him, his mother’s motherland was influenced by them, and Umoufia crumbled right before his eyes. Chinua […]

Blog Post: Poem on the Little Boy in “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”

Darkness seeps in with every whimper. Tired and caged. He shrivels like a stick Wondering when, wondering why the dust swirls so harshly * The children eye him in realization, as they feed on his agony. The more his life is meaningless, the more their lives are meaningful * Their fangs seep into his skull […]

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